Find my work at the following art jewelry galleries:

Ornamentum, Hudson, New York, USA

Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Trece Sin Tres, Mexico City, Mexico

Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montreal, Canada


ArtSpan OpenStudios, San Francisco, California, USA

My studio is based out of Developing Environments, a live/work consensus based co-op established in 1969 in the Mission District of San Francisco.


I use basic materials that define space: steel chain and short lengths of steel wire. The structures are minimal, spacious, without complexity. Despite the geometry and material, they are not hard pieces.

Softness enters the pieces as they drape and conform to the environment they interact with, the gentle pull of gravity, the planar surfaces of a table, the curves of the body. There is a delicacy in the line and in the structure, but these flexible perimeters create their own spaces, capturing a moment within their curves and edges.

These pieces are necklaces, they are drawings, they are possibilities.

They stand alone, but they can interact and still maintain their individuality. They leave room for interpretation, creating space for the viewer to exist. The pieces also cross boundaries: they are contemporary jewelry, drawings, sculpture, and design.

I am interested in the variety that one piece, one simple structure, can contain. How does the piece maintain its own perimeters no matter how it is pushed or pulled, draped or stretched…even when a human form is inserted into the space. 

Selected CV


2012 MFA in Studio Art, Metals, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI

2010 BFA in Studio Art, Metals, Texas State University—San Marcos, San Marcos, TX

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Ornamentum Gallery, just add flesh, Hudson, New York, USA

2017 ATTA Gallery, Rebekah Frank: Off the Wall, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 Galerie Ra, Rebekah Frank, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Select Group Exhibitions


Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein, BKV, Site Effects, Munich, Germany

Konsthantverkarna, Steel: Rebekah Frank, Nils Hint, Sofie Hanagarth and Tobias Birgersson, Stockholm, Sweden


Museo Jumex, Trece Sin 3 Presents, Mexico City, Mexico

Goldberg Studios, Full Disclosure, Munich, Germany


Cranbook House, A Line of Beauty: Cranbrook House Inhabitation, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA


Form + Concept, Smitten Forum Presentation, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


DesignMiami, Ornamentum Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA

Vaasa Art Museum, Koru 5, Vaasa, Finland


Tacoma Art Museum, Protective Ornament: Contemporary Armor to Amulets, Tacoma, Washington USA

Imatra Museum of Art, KORU 5, Imatra, Finland


2020 LES Residency, Demorest, Georgia, USA

2019 Penland Winter Residency, Penland, North Carolina, USA

2018 Smitten Forum Residency, Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA

2014 Iron, Wood, and Glass Winter Residency, Penland, North Carolina, USA


2018 Sarah Thornton, “Wearability and the Power of the Small Arts: An Outsiders View”, Art Jewelry Forum

2014 Suzanne Ramljak, On Body and Soul: Contemporary Armor to Amulet, Schiffer Publishing



Speaker, “The Bench-Southwest Makers Symposium”, Form + Concept, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


Visiting Lecture, San Francisco Arts Institute, San Francisco, California, USA

Visiting Lecture, University of Illinois: Urbana-Champagne, Illinois, USA

Speaker, “Gem Talks”, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA


Bay Area Metals Art Guild, California College of Art, Berkeley, California, USA


Design/Miami, “Young American Designers,” panel moderated by Glenn Adamson, Miami, Florida, USA

Permanent Collections

CODA Museum, Netherlands; Cranbrook Art Museum, Michigan, USA; Maxine & Stuart Frankel Foundation, Michigan, USA